"At Pankaj's Live The Life You Want workshop, I tapped and cleared the frightening and embarrassing nightmares that I had suffered for 20 years. I would yell so loudly at night that it would frighten my little children. It was truly sad that they had to bare this trauma and be awakened horribly from their sleep throughout their childhood. I also yelled uncontrollably in my sleep on long flights and in my friends' homes. Pankaj pointed out my 'core emotional issue' in an instant and helped me to release it. It is thanks to his expertise that I sleep soundly now at 64, without any nightmares. I have been living in deep peace since 2013, peace I didn't know existed. No psychiatric or alternative treatment or practitioner had given me any relief in 20 years, hence this is a miracle for me and my family."

K.Bala Chandran
Senior Lecturer (Retd.)
Government Teacher Education Institute
Penang, Malaysia