"I suffered a rupture in my cornea a few years ago. The doctors were certain that it would require a transplant once the rupture was healed, which could take 6 months to a year. During this period I had to function with one eye only and this meant not being able to drive and possibly even give up my job. I was really scared and nervous. I had attended several workshop's with Pankaj and called him for help. I followed both his tapping guidance and my doctor's instructions closely.

Tapping got my confidence back and my condition no longer created problems - I started functioning normally as including driving(with one eye!). After 4 months during my first follow-up visit, my doctor was completely taken aback with the progress. The rupture had not only healed, he said and I might not even need a transplant as the cornea had healed like it was new!

His question to me was - "Do you believe in a higher power?" as he had not seen such turnarounds before, he said. EFT and Pankaj's teachings are about the Higher Power and how to use it. While I have had other miraculous with tapping, this episode further increased my trust in my own power and in EFT."

Vini Mukherjee