The secret to permanent weight loss is not diet or exercise based. If that were the case corporations, coaches, doctors and anyone else who has looked for a permanent solution would surely have found some clues by now. Large corporations have invested large amounts of money and manpower over decades in this search, knowing that the solution will be

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worth trillions. They haven't found it yet because they are looking in the wrong places. Many individuals have devised different diets or exercise plans but no plan has given a permanent reduction in weight to most people who tried it. Nobody has figured out how to raise your metabolism permanently to the higher state it was in when you were younger.

We all know some overweight people who exercise regularly but never lose any weight, and people who eat to their heart's desire and never put on a kilo. Weight is not really about the food you eat or the exercise you do, though they are secondary factors. The primary factor is the balance of Energy in your system (not physical energy the loss of which makes you tired.) This Energy is as connected to your mind and heart as it is to your body. Learning what blocks it and how to unblock it is easier than you think. When you shift your Energy into a higher balance by clearing your emotional baggage and fears, your body comes into a higher balance. This higher balance is a state of ideal weight. This is the weight loss secret you are looking for. You don't have to change your diet or exercise harder, just like the people below who experienced effortless, permanent weight loss.

You can either have Pankaj heal you and/or you can learn how to heal and transform yourself by attending his workshops in person or online.

Weight Loss

"I never thought dropping my fears and anger could drop my weight! That's what Mr.Gupta showed us and I lost 25 kgs over 4 months after his workshop just by tapping. My confidence soared and so did my professional success. In the past 3 years...read more"

Julie Bhatia
Marketing Professional
New Delhi, India

"My weight dropped by 4kgs after I did Mr.Gupta's workshop - without any diets or exercise - just by healing myself with his supervision. My friends at the workshop experienced similar results too."

Karuna Sharma
Business Owner
New Delhi, India

"I lost 3kgs during Mr.Gupta's weekend workshop. Many other participants there also lost weight efforlessly. Healing (relasing) my anger and constant irritability and my anxiety about my loved ones has made me a more peaceful and loving soul.? I feel new in a new body and new life!"

Palak Raheja
Business Owner
New Delhi, India

"I lost 3.5kgs at the 1.5day workshop with Mr.Gupta. My anger also vanished and my relationships were reborn soon after. My life has changed for the better in every possible way - there is love all around now!"

Anjali K. Raheja
New Delhi, India

"Unbelievable, I healed away 2 kgs in 2 days during the Live The Life You Want workshop with Pankaj 10 days ago. Nothing that I could imagine would have given me that result. Thanks to this workshop I have also learnt to find and clear many emotional blocks...read more"

Shalini Jain
Corporate Communications Professional
New Delhi, India

"I lost 2kgs in one healing session with Mr.Gupta. The session had left me feeling very light and calm, so when I went home I checked my weight I was shocked to see it had dropped by 2kgs! A week later the weight has not come back. Thank you, Mr.Gupta!"

Ishika Singh
Interior Designer
New Delhi, India


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